Mod-2 (problem) - Problem Sheet Entropy 1 Calculate the...

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Problem Sheet - Entropy 1. Calculate the change in entropy when 150 gm of ice at 0 O C is converted into steam at 100 O C. Specific heat of ice = 0.5 cal/gm K, latent heat of ice = 80 cal/g, latent heat of steam = 540 cal/g. 2. Imagine a Carnot engine that operates between the temperatures T H = 850 K and T L = 300 K. The engine performs 1200 J of work each cycle, which takes 0.25 s. [a] What is the efficiency of this engine? [b] What is the average power of this engine? [c] How much energy is extracted as heat from the high-temperature reservoir every cycle? [d] How much energy is delivered as heat to the low-temperature reservoir every cycle? [e] What is the entropy change of the working substance for the energy transfer to it from the high-temperature reservoir? From it to the low-temperature reservoir? 3. Calculate the change in the melting point of naphthalene for one atmosphere rise in pressure given that its melting point is 80 o C. Latent heat of fusion is 4563 cal/mol and increase in
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Mod-2 (problem) - Problem Sheet Entropy 1 Calculate the...

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