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Module 1-Problem Sheet - Problem Sheet – 01 1. The...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem Sheet – 01 1. The temperature of equal masses of three different liquids A, B and C are 12 o C, 19 o C and 28 o C respectively. The temperature when A and B are mixed is 16 o C and when B and C are mixed is 23 o C. What would be the temperature when A and C are mixed? 2. Determine the change in the internal energy of a system that (i) absorbs 580 cal of thermal energy and 620 J of work is done by the system. (ii) releases 720 cal of thermal energy while 680 J of external work is done on the system. (iii) maintains at a constant volume while 1430 cal of heat is removed from the system. 3. Consider 1.0 kg of liquid water at 100 C by boiling at standard atmosphere pressure (which is 1.00 atm or 1.01×10 5 Pa).The volume of that water changes from an initial value of 1.00 × 10-3 m 3 as a liquid to 1.765 m 3 as steam. (i) How much work is done by the system during this process? (ii) How much energy is transferred as heat during the process? (iii) What is the change in the system’s internal energy during the transferred as heat during the process?...
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