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Spring 2010-11 PROBLEM SHEET ON CAPACITOR 1. A parallel plate capacitor has a capacitance of 50 pF. (a) If each of its plates has an area of 0.35 m 2 , what is the separation? (b) If the region between the plates is now filled material with κ = 5.6 what is the capacitance? 2. A cylindrical capacitor has radii a and b . Show that half the stored electric potential energy lies within a cylinder of radius ab r = . 3. An isolated conducting sphere whose radius R is 6.85 cm has a charge q = 1.25 nC. (a) How much potential energy is stored in the electric field of this charge conductor? (b) What is the energy density at the surface of the sphere? 4. A spherical drop of mercury of radius R has a capacitance given by C = 4 πε ° R. If two such drops combine to form a single larger drop, what is its capacitance? 5. Suppose that the two spherical shells of a spherical capacitor have approximately equal radii.
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Unformatted text preview: Under these conditions the device approximates a parallel-plate capacitor with b-a = d. Show that C = a b ab- 4 does indeed reduce to C = d A in this case. 6. In fig. the battery has a potential difference of 10 V and the five capacitors each have a capacitance of 10 F. What is the charge on (a) capacitor 1 and capacitor 2? 7. Two capacitors, of 2.0 and 4.0 F capacitance, are connected in parallel across a 300 V potential difference. Calculate the total energy stored in the capacitors. 8. A parallel - connected bank of 5.00 F capacitors is nsed to store electric energy. What does it cost to charge the 2000 capacitors of the bank to 50000 V, assuming 3.0 c / kW.h? Page 1 of 1 +-C 2 10V C 1...
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