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Choose the best topic sentence form each group and put a tick mark. 1. a. Albert Einstein, whose scientific genius awed the world, could not speak until he was four and could not read until he was nine. b. Inventor Thomas Edison had such severe problems reading, writing, and spelling that he was called “defective from birth,” taken out of school, and taught at home. c. Many famous people have suffered from learning disabilities. d. Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis was teased and laughed at for his speech delay, stutter, and perceptual problems. 2. a. Today Americans live longer than ever before. b. Statistics show that forcing a person to retire can actually impair his or her emotional and physical health. c. Research indicates that workers aged sixty-five to seventy-five perform as well as younger workers in all but heavy physical jobs. d. Forced retirement according to age does not make sense when we examine the facts. e. Older workers tend to be more stable than younger workers.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. a. In Mexico the folk arts are still thriving. b. Beautiful bowls and trays made of papier-mache are widely available. c. Hand-embroidered dresses of dresses of pure cotton are common. d. Throughout the century, pottery making and the fiber arts are alive and well. e. Every town has its market glittering with hand-wrought silver jewelry. 4. a. Believe it or not, the first contact lens was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. b. However, not until 1877 was the first thick glass contact actually made by a Swiss doctor. c. The journey of contact lenses from an idea to a comfortable, safe reality took nearly five hundred years. d. In 1948, smaller, more comfortable plastic lenses were introduced to enthusiastic American eyeglass wearers. e. These early glass lenses were enormous, covering the whites of the eyes. f. Today, contact lens wearers can choose ultra-thin, colored, or even disposable lenses....
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