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Sara Grisales Government Professor Glynn Knight 11 April 2011 “Amendment” I am proposing a new amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Raising enlistment age in the military. Porque no es un hecho incoehrente que por un lado el govierno prohibe a un nino de 17 anos a fumar pero les permitn tener acceso a armas y entrenamiento para matar. tiens un nino de 17 18 no tiene structure una madurez personal que le permita asumir una Raising the age of the military would make a great impact on society. I don't think we should be sending 18- yr- olds, directly out of the high school classroom, into the blood and violence of the battlefield. Heck, if 18 is too young to drink alcohol, why is it not too young to kill? By that time they will be older, wiser, educated and experienced more in life. believe that raising the enlistment and voting age to match that of the drinking age would be more effective than lowering the drinking age . First-time voters would be better informed and potential soldiers would have a clearer idea
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Sara%20Grisales-%20Govt%20essay[1] - Sara Grisales...

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