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(f) The speed of the wave is 2510rad s 40m s. 62.8rad/m v Tk ω λ === = 70. We write the expression for the displacement in the form y ( x, t ) = y m sin( kx t ). (a) The amplitude is y m = 2.0 cm = 0.020 m, as given in the problem. (b) The angular wave number k is k = 2 π / λ = 2 π /(0.10 m) = 63 m –1 (c) The angular frequency is = 2 π f = 2 π (400 Hz) = 2510 rad/s = 2.5 × 10 3 rad/s. (d) A minus sign is used before the t term in the argument of the sine function because
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