Essay on CEOs as a key players in IT

Essay on CEOs as a key players in IT - CEOs as a key...

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CEOs as a key players in IT The key to improve information technology's organizational effectiveness lies in the hands of IT professionals and managers. They are mainly responsible to improve systems, technology, and operations. It is also necessary to take into account the role of other stakeholders in the organization who have the power to affect technology outcomes. The chief executive officer (CEO) is the stakeholder who represents the organization as a whole. CEOs have the ability to provide effective leadership of information technology (IT), control technological projects, and facilitate the successful implementation of IT. Lack of CEO’s IT specific knowledge should not put a barrier to the effective use of technology in the organization. Rather the role of CEOs is ensuring that the context and parameters for the IT project remain foremost in the IT professionals' thinking. The normal behavior of CEOs managerial role in carrying out of their duties should conform to this fact. IT managers and Chief Information Officers(CIO) should follow the role model of their CEO. IT professionals need to allow executive stakeholders to fully play their legitimate managerial roles rather than to subsume them with their own specialist technological criteria. Because of their position in relation to other organizational participants, CEOs are often credited with being the sole agent of organizational changes, successes and blames. Many of the activities of CEOs relative to IT driven organizational change fit within these and other categories of
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Essay on CEOs as a key players in IT - CEOs as a key...

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