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Contribution of Information Technology to organizational change Information Technology is significant driving force behind organizational change. As the business landscape changes in response to new innovation, changing consumer preferences and new competitive pressures, companies adopt information technology to improve business processes, streamline operations, cut costs and increase profitability. Organizational structural change is a natural consequence of growth and advancements in information technology. The impact of information technology on organizational change permeates the entire organization. Organizational structure, employee skill base, process change, product delivery and marketing methodology all change in response to information technology. “Staying Competitive with the Right IT Solution” by William D. Barry showed that in today’s business world we have to be competitive, and to be competitive, we must implement Information Technology. IT is influencing the way in which we conduct business and the way in which we operate our lives. Society as a whole is business orientated, in today’s competitive world the business professionals are aware of managing relationships and communicating effectively, both within the organization and their customers. Information Technology in the business world has changed the operation and structure of all industries. The ability to change the nature of work is by altering the time and place of work, though primarily by speeding it up. For the management of any business, the question is not whether technology will relate to business, but rather what will we need to do to profit from that change. Consider the plight of print media since the advent of the internet. As internet access levels increase on a worldwide scale, consumers are demanding the delivery of conventional print publications in digital format. Companies affected by this are forced to establish new infrastructure and delivery methods to accommodate the change in consumer preferences. New business frameworks require suitably qualified personnel who have skill levels to operate new
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final exam essay1 - Contribution of Information Technology...

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