Essay-3 - Project Management knowledge and skills...

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Project Management knowledge and skills applicable to IT management Project management knowledge and skills which are applicable to IT management include team approach, applying a different standard, organizing, flexibility, and effective communication. Understanding and practicing the team approach refers to the requirement to inspire the team to work as a single unit, while also accepting responsibility for specific phases and tasks. This approach is very important and applicable specifically in IT application development. Applying a standard that is different from the one used in managing traditional department in the organization is required. As a project is normally an exceptional and requiring a temporary effort, it can’t run in the same way as a department. Thus, the IT leader needs to examine management standards and modify the approach. Organizing multiple efforts is required in project management because it will involve several coordinated but separate actions. The ability to organize, with the use of a well-planned schedule, will define the leadership ability for the project. This skill is directly applicable in organizing and coordinating IT projects in the IT department. Flexibility is highly required in project management as projects tend to change because of emerging priorities, scheduling problems, and even changes in the project’s goals. In IT management, this skill is applicable in rethinking and redesigning job priorities and schedules. Communicating well with everyone in the project team members is crucial. Clarity in the message helps avoid the most common conflicts and missed assignments. Project managers need to control a network that includes every team member, outside resources, other departments, and
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Essay-3 - Project Management knowledge and skills...

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