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Exam 1 MIS637 - Information Technology for Management Adugna J. GENETI ID# 198674 07:38:01 What is Information technology (IT)? Information technology (IT) is a study that deals with software applications and computer hardware. It deals with information processing, storing, protecting, retrieving, converting and transmitting. Information Technology might have different types of naming in different organizations. Information Technology has got branches such as computer science; applications of computer science; information and communications; and computer engineering. The concept of information technology was first used in November 1981“Growth of Information Technology: Computer & Technology” as a renovation of the old fashioned phrase "data processing". Information technology has reached a vital position in that the world today and it is becoming a global village. Current events of the world today can reach everywhere in minutes through applications of Information Technology. Value of Information Technology The applications of Information Technology are numerous and varied in different sectors. Organizations make use of information technology to achieve their goals and objectives. They can use IT to create components that do not exist in conventional form like virtual stores and inventories. Through groupware applications, electronic mails and video/electronic conferencing it is possible to form links within and across all organizational boundaries. IT also enables to have virtual organization structures in contrast to physical presence. Successful organizations have strong IT leadership by incorporating IT strategy to their
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Essay-Exam1 - Exam 1 MIS637 Information Technology for...

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