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ENGR3300U – Integrated Manufacturing Systems Lecture 02 Chapter 3 – Manufacturing Metrics Manufacturing metrics help company track performance, compare alternative production methods (eg. different line layouts) Two types of metrics: (1) Production performance measures Production rate, cycle time, capacity, manufacturing lead time, utilization, availability (2) Manufacturing costs Labor, material, overhead A basic example Company wants to build new plant to make 10 different product models. Wants to make 100 units annually for each model. The products average 20 components each, and the average number of processing steps required for each component is 50. All parts will be made in factory. Each processing step takes an average of 1min. (a) What’s the quantity of products produced by plant annually (b) What’s the quantity of parts (components) produced by plant annually (c) What is the # of processing steps (operations) performed each year 1
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(d) How many workers will be need for plant if it operates one 8 hr shift for 5 days for 50 weeks of year 1. Production Rates, Cycle time Production rate – parts processed or assembled per hour Operation Cycle time T c = The time that one work unit spends being processed or assembled T c = Time between when one work unit begins processing / assembly and when next unit begins. T c = Time a part spends at the machine (not all time is productive) T c = T o + T h + T th T c = operation cycle time per work unit (min/pc) T o = time of actual processing/assembly operation (min/pc) T h = handling time (min/pc) T th = tool handling time (min/pc); tool change Production rate (pc/hr) = R c = 60/T c This rate not capture machine breakdown time, therefore, “ideal production rate” . Actual production rate = R
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02Lecture-ch3 - ENGR3300U Integrated Manufacturing Systems...

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