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TIS 2911 ASSIGNMENT / SEP ’08 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN CELCOM PREMIER : INTRODUCTION Celcom was established in 1988 and is one of the largest and oldest mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia. In 2003 Telekom Malaysia proceeded to merge Celcom with its own mobile-operator subsidiary TMTouch through a reverse takeover of TMTouch. Celcom is one of three major mobile service providers currently operating in Malaysia (The other being Maxis & Digi). In recent years we had seen the emergence of new Telcos like u-Mobile, P-1 …etc . Current Celcom Customer base stood at 12 million as of early 2008. Celcom claimed a 95% nationwide mobile service coverage with 3G & Broadband availability in most of Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kulim and Penang and some new coverage throughout the nation. Celcom is a member of the TM group of companies. Celcom Customer Premier Service Department (CPS) or better known as Premier is one of the departments under Customer Service Division and was set up in 2001. Basically, it is a call centre based set up, handling end to end resolution of enquiries and complaints, as well as executing to delight initiatives to Celcom high end customers (VVIP). During its early days, Premier department operated with less Information Systems involved in its operation. Outbound calls were made using hard phone and the campaigns were processed and tracked manually. The emergence of IS in Premier came after 6 months the department was set up. After several meetings and discussions, the Head of Department and Executives unanimously agreed to revamp the whole business process for Premier. As at today, the total customers which are under Celcom Premier are more than 10,000 accounts. FUNDAMENTAL BUSINESS NEED FOR CPS 1 | P a g e 1
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TIS 2911 ASSIGNMENT / SEP ’08 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN At CPS, there are some areas which need to be look into carefully and are listed in the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of the department which are:- 1. Customer information/detail 2. Customer satisfaction survey 3. Invitation, Gifts, Rewards and Entitlement (Loyalty Benefits) 4. Churning and Inclusion rate 5. Customer’s alternative enquiry / complaint channels (apart from calling in) At this moment, only two IT personnel are in-charge of handling the database with approx. More than 10K customers in it. This is surely a burden to them because they need to update the above-mentioned information manually and not to mention the other job tasks that they need to perform daily which are totally impossible to be completed in normal working hours. A proper customer database was created 5 years ago and 2 staffs with limited IT background were recruited and sent to training for some basic database knowledge and as a result; CPS finally managed to have their own customer database using “Lotus Approach” as its interface. Anyhow there are too many drawbacks of using Lotus Approach as compared to the current database technologies.
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