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Capstone Check Point - life In their own countries many...

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Capstone Check Point-Week 9 Being part of a minority group myself, I was overwhelmed with the information from the text book and the internet had about all minority groups. Each race and ethnic group came to the United States for a reason of living, and growing to be part of a community. Many faced racism and segregation, and other experienced slavery. What our ancestors went through in their lives are not just tales to the imagination, but a history for others to encounter, and hopefully it will never happen again in history. What I learned about my own culture is that my descendents lived in the Southwest of the United States when it was Mexico. The United States claimed the land after the Mexican-American War. Mexican Americans were discriminated because of ethnicity, race, culture, poverty, and the Spanish language. Thousands of Mexican Americans were deported to Mexico during The Great Depression. Another thing I learned about other races and ethnic groups is that many immigrated to the United States for a better
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Unformatted text preview: life. In their own countries many endured violence and poverty. By 2050, minority group will be about half of the United States population. Hispanics and Asians are the fastest growing minority groups now and will continue to grow. They will account for more than half of the minority groups. I would say that this country should prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of it current and future citizens, by looking back at history and not repeating the same mistakes. No matter if immigrants are legal or illegal they will continue to come to the country to be free. By using violence or expecting to change laws towards immigrants that want to work and support their families will not work. The government needs to realize that we are here and not going back without a fight. Having respect and not enforcing racial profiling will ease immigrants to doing the right thing and maybe coming to the United States properly and not be afraid to ask for help....
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Capstone Check Point - life In their own countries many...

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