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CheckPoint: HIPAA Evaluation The number one pro to HIPPA is the security and the privacy the patient receives. The patient has complete control on who access his/her medical records. With HIPAA intact a consent form must be signed by the patient allowing medical records to be release. Although this is a great deal for the patient; the con of not receiving patient’s full medical records in cases of emergencies or referrals. Some patients do not sign these consent forms and it becomes more of a hassle to obtain appropriate care. Another pro in HIPAA are the flexibility patients have in health care coverage. If a patient has a preexisting health issue and lose his/her job, the patient can continue with their same health insurance. The last pro is also important because this allows people healthcare
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Unformatted text preview: coverage even if they are in the health insurance categories considering of high risk. The con is for insurance companies having to pay higher medical expenses for higher health risk patients, this could increase health care cost or decrease health care programs for monies supplements. The last con is the cost of the required electronic systems needed for HIPAA and the paperwork needed. Not to mention training health care professionals to be in compliance with HIPAA is costly. Despite the cons I have listed I think HIPAA is a good thing because it ensures patient privacy and ensures health maintaining. The improvement that I would make with HIPAA is computerizing a large amounts of the paperwork needed. I would incorporate email reminders when consent forms need to be updated....
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