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My score was a 100 compared to my peers that also attend college so that would mean that I am in the standard level of stress which does surprise me because I feel stressed often. I thought my score would have been higher than my peers but it was not. The stress comes from making sure we have enough money, trying to be a student, wife, mother is stressful at times, and working is another factor of my stress. The number one stressful thing in my life would have to be money since there is never enough of it and we try to save but we are always digging into it to pay bills. We have our house paid for so we do not ever have to move because we couldn’t pay the mortgage. The bills that come with the house are more than enough having a bigger house than what we had before it is kind of scary. I went down to one day at work so I could stay at home with my daughter, but I do watch my cousin while my aunt works she does pay me. So I still bring income in, and my husband makes enough for me to stay home it is just scary. I have started a chart to help me figure out where we are spending
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