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Josie is a divorced female with a history of hypertension. She has trouble breathing after exertion because she is a chain smoker. Her walk from the parking garage and climbing stairs causes her to become short of breath. In the past, she has attempted to quit smoking with no such luck. Since Josie lives alone she does not eat properly, most of her meals consists of fast foods. She has a lot weighing on her mind with her grandson in the hospital from meningitis, and the recent muggings in the area of her job. She has a good support system that consists of her son and his family, plus her friends from work. Josie spends every Sunday with her son and socializes everyday with her friends over lunch, but she never discusses family health issues. Josie has a very hectic schedule with seeing her grandson in the hospital, her job, and her long drive to work. Even though Josie’s hypertension is controlled by medication,
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Unformatted text preview: her improper diet and smoking is not beneficial. Her stress compounded with her diet, smoking, and hypertension could lead to other health problems such as coronary artery disease. Even though Josie feels healthy, she should have a routine colonoscopy done because her father and aunt died of colon cancer. She should also schedule routine mammogram since she is a female of the age of 40. Josie has a good support system of family and friends, but her beliefs about discussing family illnesses and death. This belief is keeping her family, and friends from helping her cope with her stress factors. Therefore, if Josie would start eating a healthy, well balanced diet, quit smoking, exercise more, and discuss matter more openly with her family and friends she would not only lower her blood pressure, but also have a healthier life....
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