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Wk1 CP - always sad I went to the doctor and was put on...

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Where do I begin is the main question. In high school I was known as a thug because I hung out in the wrong crowd and was more of a follower. I did drugs and things that were not legal until I got expelled from school for a whole semester. I decided this was not the road I want to go down. I stopped hanging around those friends and made new ones. Married right after high school and still am to this day, when I got pregnant I was so happy and started eating healthier than what I did before. After I had my daughter I went through post partum depression which was not fun. I stressed out about every little thing and was
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Unformatted text preview: always sad. I went to the doctor and was put on some medication. It seemed to work sometimes, but after a while I was tired of taking them because I thought maybe I had got better. I shorted my dosage and started coming off of them. After I had stopped I was back to normal again and did not stress out. I started working out and eating better I also started a diet so I could lose some weight after I had my daughter. I am still struggling with that and I wish I could do better but I am trying. I think if I put more determination into the things I want to accomplish them I will succeed....
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