Bus1A, Syllabus Sec 3021

Bus1A, Syllabus Sec 3021 - El Camino Community College...

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Please note that this syllabi and the semester outline is subject to change Page 1 of 5 El Camino Community College Business 1A – Financial Accounting – 4 Units Fall Semester 2008 Syllabi Course Section Number: 3021 ________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday & Thursday: 2:00 – 4:05pm, room MUSI 203 4:05 – 4:36pm, room MUSI 203 Instructor: Professor Philip S. Lau, CPA MBA Contact: [email protected] 310.862.4455 Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 – 10:30am Office Hour Location: DBA Recommended Preparation: eligibility for English 1A Course Material: th edition) The Basis for Business Decisions Williams Haka Bettner Carcello ( Student Workbook is recommended) -Calculator -Scantron 882E with #2 pencil -Daily/Weekly Newsprint (i.e. Wall Street Journal, Business Week), hardcopy/online Grading: Weekly Quiz: 15.0% (The lowest quiz grade will be dropped, NO make up quizzes) Exam I: 25.0% Exam II: 25.0% Final: 25.0% ( NO make up exams, NO exceptions) Group Project: 5.0% Homework: 5.0% Total percentage points earned will determine the letter grade: A = 100 – 90.0 B = 89.9 – 80.0 C = 79.9 – 70.0 D = 69.9 – 60.0 F = <60% Homework: Homework is posted on the last slide of each chapter’s Powerpoint presentation. Homework is collected in the class following the chapter’s completion. Homework is only accepted when each chapter is stapled/clipped individually. Exams The exams consist of 25 multiple choice questions and 1-2 problems. The multiple choice question is 3 points each and the problems will be between 10-15 points each.
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Bus1A, Syllabus Sec 3021 - El Camino Community College...

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