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moritz3 - Bio1B Evolution 3 Last lecture Natural selection...

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1 Bio1B Evolution 3 Last lecture: Natural selection - principles, lines of evidence in the “Origin” Descent with modification Estimation & interpretation of phylogeny Some major insights about the “Tree of Life” 3 kingdoms: Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya Metazoan origins & relationships (not covered) Today More history - Darwin+Mendel => the Neodarwinian synthesis Mechanisms of evolution: Evolution in populations - population genetics Allele, genotype and phenotype frequencies Predicting genotype freq’s: Hardy (Castle) Weinberg Equilibrium Application: Null model for evolution Application: Predicting heterozygote frequencies for recessive traits
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2 Mendel’s principles of inheritance (1865) [see Ch 14] Alternative versions of genes (alleles ) account for variation in inherited characters For each character, an organism inherits 2 alleles, one from each parent If the 2 alleles at a locus differ, then the dominant allele determines phenotype
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