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Francesca Mainiero Extra Credit Chapter 4
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Francesca Mainiero MUS 106 Section 1 Extra Credit: Chapter 4 1. Describe the changes in recording technology in the 1920s. Before the technological advances of recording in the 1920s, records were made using an acoustical process. This was a way of recording music without electricity by capturing the vibrations that the musicians played in front of a large horn and carved the vibration grooves into a disc. During the 1920s, the microphone came about, which allowed artists to record music using an electrical process. The use of microphones helped to enhance the sound quality of recordings and multiple microphones where later used for even more sound improvement. 2. Name the ways in which Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings had an impact on the evolution jazz. Louis Armstrong and his band revolutionized the way in which jazz was performed. For instance, each band member had their chance to solo throughout the songs. Also, Louis Armstrong was the first to begin playing his horn in the upper register, which gave a whole new sound to the world of jazz. Also, the incorporation of scat singing into their recordings was a whole new idea for jazz artists. 3. Describe how the Chicago Style is different from the New Orleans Style, not only in the music itself, but the circumstances surrounding its creation.
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