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Francesca Mainiero Extra Credit Chapter 8

Francesca Mainiero Extra Credit Chapter 8 - Francesca...

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Francesca Mainiero MUS 106 Section 1 Extra Credit: Chapter 8 1. Describe what the Miles Davis Nonet accomplished that made them so important to jazz history. The Miles Davis Nonet defined the style of jazz that later became known as “cool” jazz. The emphasis was on the arrangements and produced a soft, light tone. The Miles Davis Nonet focused also on the orchestra sound of their unique six-piece horn section. 2. Describe the jazz scene in Los Angeles in the early 1950s. Southern Los Angeles was a predominantly black area, which was heavily influenced by jazz, blues, and R&B music. Central Avenue was where the jazz, blues, and R&B clubs found their home in Los Angeles. Also, Los Angeles’s large entertainment business industry attracted many jazz musicians to the west coast. 3. What are some important musical differences between cool jazz and hard bop? What are the important cultural differences? Cool jazz had a tranquil, light, medium tempo vibe to it. Cool Jazz was normally written by composers and arrangers who were influenced by European and classical music. Cool jazz
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