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FREN1001 Policies and Information Spring 2010 PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE SYLLABUS CAREFULLY. It contains information on: Testing policy Grade distribution Attendance policy Schedule of tests, assignments Class participation University policies Grading policies Student concerns You will be held responsible for the content of this document. Failure to read the syllabus does NOT exempt you from its contents. Who can enroll? Students enrolled in this class have taken FREN1001 at UGA, have placed into the course via the placement test, or have transferred the equivalent credit from another institution. Grade Breakdown Class participation and preparation: 20% Written work: 15% Final exam: 15% Chapter tests (6% each x 3): 18% Mid-term 12% Oral assessment 10% Oral presentation: 10% Introduction to FREN 1001 through 2002 The first four courses in French (or the first three courses for those who start with FREN 1110) form a unified program designed to help you develop the ability to speak, read, write, and understand the language. You will also learn about how various people who speak French conduct their lives. The majority of class time will be spent working on speaking French; you will develop the other skills primarily through assignments. To achieve these goals, your teacher will speak only French in class. Since talking about grammar is not as beneficial as using the grammar, you should not expect your teacher to devote class time to explanations of grammatical concepts. S/he will conduct exercises requiring you to use the new structures, but afterward will be happy to answer any remaining questions. Consult your syllabus and your teacher to determine whether you are in the right course. Course Goals At the end of this class, you should be able to: have elementary conversations about familiar topics, describe yourself, your family and friends, and your routine activities in the past, present and future ask elementary questions and formulate somewhat simple opinions understand elementary stories and conversations, as well as audio and reading materials write elementary descriptions and tell about events in the past, present and future. Required Textbooks Pons, Scullen, Valdman, Chez nous , 4 th ed., Pearson Prentice Hall. Scullen, Cassidy, Pons, Student Activities Manual to accompanyChez nous, 4 th ed., Pearson Prentice Hall. Class Attendance Policies Students missing the first two days of class will be dropped from the course to allow others to add. There are NO EXCUSED absences from this course. All students are allowed six absences, for whatever reason. Absences beyond the six that are allowed will result in a lower class participation grade. If you miss six or fewer classes, you will lose no points from your participation grade. However, if you have more than six absences, your instructor will deduct three points for every absence, including the first six. That is, your seventh absence will result
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FREN1001_spr2010 - FREN1001 Policies and Information Spring...

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