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nomenclature chart

nomenclature chart - polyatomic anion name Naming...

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oes the compound Does the compound contain a metal or polyatomic cation? Has just a metal d tl ? Does the compound have st two non etals? and a non metal? It’s Binary Ionic Has a polyatomic cation present? just two non metals? Is the first element hydrogen? Is the first element hydrogen? Naming: metal name + non metal stem+ ide Has a polyatomic anion present? It’s Pseudo Binary It’s a Binary Acid It’s Binary Molecular It’s a Ternary Acid Other nomenclature used Naming:
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Unformatted text preview: polyatomic anion name Naming: polyatomic cation name + non ‐ metal stem + ide Naming: metal name + polyatomic ion name Naming: Hydro + stem + i c acid Naming: non ‐ metal name + non ‐ metal stem + ide (use Greek prefixes) Check the oxidation state of the non ‐ metal in the polyatomic anion. Highest: per + stem + ic acid Next Highest: stem + ic acid Next Lowest: stem + ous acid Lowest: Hyo + stem + ous acid 65...
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