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To: Myra Reid, VP Production From: Evan Burk Date: February 24, 2011 Subject: Forecast and results of the two cycles I am sure that you are aware that good business decisions and correct and accurate forecasts are extremely essential for a business to succeed in today’s economy. This is a theory that has been used for decades now and is needed in every business. Predicting, forecasting, and estimating can be a difficult task in any type of business. An accurate forecast can make a huge impression on future business deals with customers and other investors for your future. It may also lead to incorrect marketing and bad business decisions. It is a very important part of business today. Blue’s Inc. is destined to become on the industries leaders of denim products and can prove to be successful in the upcoming future. In order for this company to pull ahead of its competitors the current advertising budget needs to be reviewed. Along with the advertising budget one must
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Unformatted text preview: look at the competitors and see what they are doing for advertising. As far as the first week goes there was a advertising budget that needed to be set. This was set at $154 million dollars. By setting the advertising budget to this dollar amount this will assure a bright future for Blue’s Inc. The second week brought us together to study the average model, k period for the average model production level. With a 2 k period the weighted moving average was estimated at .7 for 11 years and .2 for 12 years, with a production level of 40 million units. The third week also presented to bring a challenge and was able to study the many different fluctuations in the market size which included a new sales forecast. It has been decided to fix the production levels at 11 million units for the first quarter, 13 units for the second quarter, twelve units for the third quarter, and finally 18 units for the fourth quarter to finish strong....
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