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Major League Baseball (MLB) is known as the highest level of professional Baseball across the United State and Canada. It is also widely known in many other countries around the world. Many kids sit down and watch the players of their favorite teams but many young kids and even adults don’t ever think about the statistics that are involved with Major League Baseball. An individual, who intends to invest in a Major League Baseball Team for example, would want to analyze the wins, salaries, stolen bases, Home Runs, and attendance of the team before investing. One particular issue that has come up with learning team A is, if the mean of the teams in the Major League Baseball are greater than 85. Learning team A will develop the numerical and verbal hypothesis of the data set given using six states as the variables, develop the five step hypothesis test, and answer the research question based on the analysis done. In the MLB there are currently 30 teams participating. These thirty teams are split up into
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