Nike Campaign - Running Head NIKE CAMPAIGN 1 Nike Campaign...

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Running Head: NIKE CAMPAIGN 1 Nike Campaign Evan Burk Mary Allender RES/341 December 31, 2010 Nike Campaign
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NIKE CAMPAIGN 2 In today’s economy lots of people and businesses are looking for ways to save money and keep our planet and places we live as beautiful as possible. Many people are starting to recycle much more than in the past, and people are starting to clean up communities. One company in particular is doing something a little different. Nike has been known for making strong changes in their involved communities. Nike has many options to save the world and to “Go Green, and reuse a shoe and Nike Grind.” (Nike, 2010) The world’s used tire population and old and used shoes are sitting in landfills and junk yards all over the world. This can cause a lot of problems, especially in the future with more and more tires and shoes piling up every day. Nike can use these old rubber tires and shoes as the soles of their sneakers. (Nike, 2010) All of this can happen just by grinding them all up and melting them down again. It is a perfect solution and the earth will be happy while the company can promote their “Go Green” sneaker products as “Nike, We Keep You Moving.” The “moving” is a pun as tires keep cars moving. The company will no longer use boxes for their sneakers. The company will package its shoes in bio-degradable bags, similar to a Ziploc bag. Just like Sun Chip and their newly released one hundred percent biodegradable bag. The bags
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Nike Campaign - Running Head NIKE CAMPAIGN 1 Nike Campaign...

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