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sampling design week 3 part - It is easy for one these...

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The research that was done for the wages 2005, it has several bias or in other words errors that could occur when sampling the validity and reliability of the research that was done. When conducting this survey on how much workers made from different demographics, there are several biases such as: the industry, or manufacturing and construction, the occupation such as management, sales, clerical, service, professional, years of education, southern resident, non- white, Hispanic, female, years of experience, married, age, and Union members.
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Unformatted text preview: It is easy for one these categories to have a biased opinion, because our country is based on freedom of speech and thought; which often leads to disagreements because of biased viewpoints and rushed decisions. This survey all though did display some good information it was somewhat misleading as to where they retrieved this type of information. If it was more specific such as what jobs they are doing or even where they went to school, it may have slightly changed the outcome....
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