Kava Part 3 - Running Head: KAVA PART III 1 Kava: Part III...

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Running Head: KAVA PART III 1 Kava: Part III Evan Burk MGT/350 December 2, 2010 Kimberly Ramsawak Kava: Part III
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KAVA: PART III 2 There is a small Pacific Island country called Kava who was recently hit by many natural disasters. These disasters left their poor country teetering on the edge and in dire need of some help to get back up and going again. Throughout our experience at this once beautiful country we have seen the results of many different unfortunate events. We have analyzed and witnessed personally the benefits and risks that are involved in spending our time and money in this country. We understand at Wilco, the absolute need at the South Pacific island of Kava. There have been many factors affecting this implementation, as well as potential resolutions, and evaluated and defined the required resources that are needed and any ethical implications that are involved. Wilco will begin to determine the many different factors affecting our decision implementation and include a proposed solution. Once we determine those factors a thorough analyzing will begin to figure out which factors will be required to make the best decisions possible for Kava. Wilco also will evaluate any type of ethical implications from stakeholder’s perspectives of our proposed solutions. One of Wilco’s number one concerns is their customers and employees at the same time. Wilco has been able to serve its community and customers for more than 40 years since 1967. Wilco’s focus is clear, and that is to serve their customers and community to the best they can which is exactly what they want to do for the country of Kava (Wilco, 2010). That is why Wilco has decided to expand their organization and presence to Kava. They want to be there every step of the way to help them up again. Working alongside with Wilco is a group of engineers in
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Kava Part 3 - Running Head: KAVA PART III 1 Kava: Part III...

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