Part 2 - Running Head KAVA DISASTER 1 Kava Disaster Evan...

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Running Head: KAVA DISASTER 1 Kava Disaster Evan Burk MGT/350 November 28, 2010 Kimberly Ramsawak Part 2: Kava Disaster
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KAVA DISASTER 2 The small island of Kava is currently in a struggling state right now and Wilco wants to help them rebuild their country so that everything is running normal again. It may take a while, but we are committed to helping this country get more jobs, build houses, build schools and much more. There are various challenges that have shown up in Kava and we need to think critically about the decisions that we make in order to beat the many problems and decide how to best go forth. Throughout our time here in Kava we are going to develop solutions in regards to the organizational processes and gain help from the decision making models so that we can make the best decisions possible for this country. In order for our team to identify solutions we will apply a decision making technique and identify any solutions possible. We will then provide an analysis of the specific steps taken showing how we reached our decisions. In order for Wilco to establish a greater and possibly profitable presence on the Island of Kava we need to consider all elements such as all the physical, environmental, and socio economic issues that have been discussed. A decision will be made that will provide help for the small island country of Kava, and at the same time will provide revenues for the corporation, its stakeholders, and even the community that is involved. There are many different tools and
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Part 2 - Running Head KAVA DISASTER 1 Kava Disaster Evan...

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