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Decisions in paradise 1 - Running Head DECISIONS IN...

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Running Head: DECISIONS IN PARADISE: PART 1 1 Decisions in Paradise: Part 1 Evan Burk MGT/350 November 20, 2010 Kimberly Ramsawak
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DECISIONS IN PARADISE: PART 1 2 Decisions in Paradise: part 1 Around the world countries are involved with some sort of natural disaster that devastates towns, cities, states, and even countries as a whole. Sometimes the impact can be felt around the world and there is nothing that most people can do about it. A natural disaster is something like a tornado that rips through a town or two. Taking houses off of the foundations or pulling trees out of the ground. It can also be a hurricane that floods a town or city causing people to evacuate and possibly lose their homes. Natural disasters can be very difficult and is most of time randomly hitting cities or countries. One place in particular that took a large hit by a natural disaster is a small island country in the south pacific known as Kava. Kava was once an island country full of beauty and uniqueness. People were happy and lived their lives just like everyone else around the world. Unfortunately it was hit at random by many different natural disasters crippling their country all at once. When I first heard of my assignment that I was going to a paradise country I was very excited. I was dreaming of all the different things I would do while working on a paradise island. I thought of snorkeling and swimming in the ocean, possibly even seeing some dolphins. It wasn’t until I landed though that
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