Organizational Behaviors and Concepts

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Running Header: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS AND CONCEPTS 1 Organizational Behaviors and Concepts Evan Burk October 3, 2010 MGT/307 Ileene Chernoff Organizational Behaviors and Concepts
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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS AND CONCEPTS 2 In every business in today’s economy that are certain behaviors within an organization that could greatly impact a company’s success or failure. In order to fully and completely understand this type of behavior a manager must possess certain skills to recognize the many different behaviors. This body of knowledge is known as organizational behavior. In the book called Organizational Behavior, written by the authors John R. Schermerhorn, James G. Hunt, and Richard N. Osborn they explain the definition of Organization Behavior as “the study of human behavior in organizations.” (Schermerhorn, pg. 5). With this type of knowledge a manager is able to better understand both an individuals and group behavior in the organization. Throughout this paper I will briefly explain some key concepts of Organizational behavior and culture. I will end with an analysis of my own organizations behavior and culture. Organizational culture is known as “a shared set of beliefs and values within an organization” (Schermerhorn, pg.11). When an established organizational culture is set you will have a business that works together just as a team would. A sports team for example has a set of
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Organizational Behaviors and Concepts - Running Header:...

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