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Research Strategy Paper - It is unrealistic to believe that...

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It is unrealistic to believe that one is perfect in every aspect of life. Being perfect is defined as “lacking nothing essential to the whole, complete of its nature or kind.” (site #2) With that definition being said, reflect on your life thus far and draw up examples of times that you were not perfect. You probably have many examples to choose from right? No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes in life. For the purposes of this paper I have chosen to talk about an imperfection in my life, as I have realized that I’m not perfect. I have found that I’m a procrastinator when doing my homework. A procrastinator is defined as “the deferment of tasks to a later time.” Throughout this paper I will first provide a more thorough explanation of what procrastination is, develop strategies to help me overcome this imperfection; therefore, allowing me to become a more successful person in life. Let’s begin by looking more intensely at what procrastination is and why it happens. Procrastination is a complex psychological problem that affects everyone to some degree or another. For some it is a minor problem, but in others it is a larger problem of concern. (site #3) It becomes a larger concern when people are no longer prioritize, but work under urgency because they have waited so long to perform a task that they are forced to do it. When people are forced to perform tasks under pressure some will deliver a good product, but it’s noticeable when time and thought is not put into tasks that are performed. Some reasons why people procrastinate is that they are disorganized due to distractions, forgetful, and lump small multiple small easy tasks into one large difficult task. They fear the outcome of a task they are required to take on. They are a perfectionist causing them to use too much energy and get burnt out. Or they have a personality disorder or illness causing them to be more susceptible to procrastination (site #1). Now that I have thoroughly defined what procrastination is and why it happens I will
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Research Strategy Paper - It is unrealistic to believe that...

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