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Values and Ethics - Description of how professional values...

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Description of how professional values and ethics can impact career success. Ones values play a significant role in one’s life. What is the description of values? I believe that values are something that is important to someone. It can be a belief of something that is right or wrong. A value can be something as simple as being honest towards one another. Honesty is something I feel that is very important to many people and is something that is cherished by others. Honesty is something that is also valued by managers during the hiring process. You don’t want to be dishonest while working and lie to your coworkers and also customers about products. Eventually it will get back to you and people won’t want to be around you and customers won’t want to come back to your store. If you value something then it must mean something to you. It is something that has great significance to you in life. Values can really make up of what it a person is. If you value honesty people are going to trust you, and if
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