test 1 ch1-3 - E xam One PSYC3230 Abnormal Psychology Name:...

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Exam One PSYC3230 – Abnormal Psychology Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ______________ Instructions: Please use your scantron to select the best answer the each question. **Do not forget to indicate your full legal name and student id number on the scantron** Good luck! 1. A(n) ________ serves to guide our processing of information and may serve to distort memories. a. attribution. b. conditioned stimulus c. schema d. unconditioned stimulus 2. Highly coordinated children are picked out at an early age by coaches and given special opportunities to excel at sports. Extraverted children seek out social situations and become unusually comfortable with strangers. Both of these phenomena illustrate a. the power of the phenotype over the genotype. b. genotype-environment correlations. c. the polygenic effect of chromosomes on behavior. d. how the environment shapes one's genetic endowment. 3. Which of the following would be characteristic of the treatment provided by the first mental hospitals or sanatoria used by the Romans and Greeks? a. The use of trephining and other biological approaches b. Psychodynamic therapy c. Exorcisms d. Warm baths and massages 4. Comorbidity means a. that a disorder is often fatal. b. that a person has two or more disorders. c. that a person has a more severe form of a disorder. d. that a person is unlikely to recover from the disorder. 5. Ideally, a sample is described as what? a. Random b. Representative c. Generalizable d. Demographically pure
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6. When examining heredity, mental disorders are almost always a. influenced by one particular gene. b. influenced by multiple genes. c. influenced by recessive genes. d. not influenced by genes. 7. Etiology is a. a condition that tends to maintain maladaptive behavior. b. the causal pattern of a disorder. c. a predisposition toward developing a disorder. d. a condition that makes it less likely a person will experience the negative consequences of stress. 8. The Nancy School/Charcot debate is best described as one that focuses on a. biology vs genes. b. learning vs nurture. c. drugs vs surgery. d. psychology vs biology. 9. The emergence of humanism brought about changes in all of the following EXCEPT a. an increase in the belief in supernatural causes of behavior. b. scientific questioning. c. more humane treatment. d. fewer superstitious beliefs about demonic possession. 10.In 1983, a large group of West Bank Palestinian girls showed signs of illness. Some thought they were poisoned, but later it was discovered that psychological factors played a key role in most cases. This incident best illustrates a. St. Vitus's dance. b.
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test 1 ch1-3 - E xam One PSYC3230 Abnormal Psychology Name:...

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