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Exam Two PSYC3230 – Abnormal Psychology Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ______________ Instructions: Please use your scantron to select the best answer the each question. **Do not forget to indicate your full legal name and student id number on the scantron** Good luck! 1. Under what circumstances is a structured interview most likely to be used? a. When consistent information is needed for research purposes b. When an accurate diagnosis is needed to ensure appropriate treatment c. When the behavior of the client is erratic d. When the information provided in an unstructured interview is found to lack reliability 2. Which of the following best illustrates high reliability? a. An interviewer modifies the way she asks questions to fit the style of the client. b. Two interviewers diagnose the same disorder after talking to the same client. c. A clinician accurately predicts that a client will become violent when reunited with this family. d. A clinician uses both medical (e.g., MRI) and psychological (e.g., MMPI-2) information to decide a diagnosis. 3. Which of the following is considered to be the most reliable life event approach? a. The Life Event and Difficulty Schedule b. The Social Readjustment Rating Scale c. The Impact of Events Scale d. The Social Events Scale 4. The pituitary gland a. controls the release of hormones by the hypothalamus. b. is part of the immune system. c. produces adrenalin. d. releases hormones that regulate many bodily functions. 5. Feelings of control over stressors a. do not make a difference when it comes to extremely severe stressors like torture. b. can make a difference even for victims of torture - if the person feels he or she has some control, he or she tends to be less affected by the stressor over the long term. c. can make people feel worse because they believe they should have been able to change what happened.
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d. can make a difference even for victims of torture - if the person feels he or she has some control, he or she tends to be more affected by the stressor over the long term.
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6. One criticism of diagnostic labels is that a. they can influence both other people's and the diagnosed person's perception of themselves in negative ways. b. there are so many different systems of diagnosis that it is hard to understand what an individual diagnosis means. c. the multiaxial system is so complicated to use that few people are able to use it well. d. they make other information unnecessary, so restrict the type of services that insurance will cover. 7. The reliability of the assessment interview may be enhanced by the use of a. a flexible, open-ended interview rather than a structured interview. b.
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