exam 5 - E xam Five PSYC3230 Abnormal Psychology Name Date...

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Exam Five PSYC3230 – Abnormal Psychology Name: _______________________________________________________ Date: ______________ Instructions: Please use your scantron to select the best answer the each question. **Do not forget to indicate your full legal name and student id number on the scantron** Good luck! 1. Passing out from a high blood level of alcohol a. may actually be a safety device. b. means a person has not yet developed tolerance. c. means that a person's blackouts have worsened and increased over time. d. may be the result of an allergic reaction to alcohol. 2. Opium and heroin a. were originally used by physicians as pain relievers. b. have always been two of the most abused illegal drugs. c. induce euphoria but do not reduce pain. d. control pain only if they are used to cause unconsciousness. 3. Antisocial personality disorder differs from psychopathy in that antisocial personality disorder a. is an older diagnosis. b. focuses more on personality characteristics. c. focuses more on observable behaviors. d. is a less severe and more treatable form of the disorder. 4. Which basic personality traits from the five-factor model seem most important in the development of obsessive compulsive personality disorder? a. High conscientiousness and low compliance b. High extraversion and high openness to feelings c. High excitement seeking and low openness to feelings d. High fantasy proneness and high agreeableness 5. An employee evaluation: "He takes what he wants rather than earns it. He hates routine and boredom more than anything else. Thrill-seeking and impulsive actions have gotten him fired from this job. It will get him fired at many others." What kind of disorder does the employee illustrate? a. Histrionic personality disorder. b. Psychopathy c. Borderline personality disorder d. Substance abuse
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6. Which statement about alcohol abuse disorders and other psychological disorders is accurate? a. Since alcohol has a negative effect on neurotransmitters, it is extremely rare for people with schizophrenia to become alcohol or drug dependent. b. Since alcohol has an anti-anxiety effect, most of the people who are alcohol dependent and have another disorder suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. c. The personality disorder most often associated with alcohol abuse is antisocial personality disorder. d. The personality disorder most often associated with alcohol abuse is obsessive- compulsive personality disorder. 7. Schizophrenic disorders seem to be most strongly linked genetically to ________ personality disorder. a. schizoid b. schizotypal c. avoidant d. Both A and B. 8. Which of the following statements about alcohol problems is accurate? a.
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exam 5 - E xam Five PSYC3230 Abnormal Psychology Name Date...

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