Exam 6 - ExamSix PSYC3230AbnormalPsychology Name:_Date: _...

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Exam Six PSYC3230 – Abnormal Psychology Name: _______________________________________________________       Date:  ______________ Instructions:  Please use your scantron to select the best answer the each question. **Do not forget to indicate your full legal name and student id number on the scantron** Good luck! 1. Schizophrenia is best described as a a. genetically influenced monogenic disorder. b. genetically determined polygenic disorder. c. genetically determined monogenic disorder. d. genetically influenced polygenic disorder. 2. Males who have been raped a. show similar long-term psychological distress as women do. b. show less long-term psychological distress than women. c. show different long-term psychological symptoms than women. d. never report it. 3. Which of the following is an example of a delusion? a. Bob thought the CIA was controlling his thoughts. b. The voices in Jaimie's head told him not to trust the priest. c. Tracy did not think she could get pregnant the first time she had sex. d. Carla saw and felt bugs crawling up her arm. 4. Over the course of the disorder, most individuals with schizophrenia a. show either positive-syndrome or negative-syndrome types. b. show the Type II form exclusively. c. develop the "disorganized" form of the disorder. d. display a mix of positive and negative symptoms. 5. Newer research suggests that desire leading to sexual activity ending in orgasm a. doesn't apply to most people. b. often doesn't apply to women. c. often doesn't apply to men. d. applies to most people.
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6. "Semen is responsible for masculine characteristics such as beard growth and for general physical and sexual vigor. Therefore, wasting semen through masturbation and patronizing prostitutes is damaging to the nervous system" This statement best illustrates the ________ theory of sexual behavior. a. degeneracy b. psychoanalytic c. abstinence d. disease 7. Studies of family concordance patterns for schizophrenia have found a. little evidence of increased concordance with increased gene-sharing. b. such strong correspondence between gene-sharing and diagnosis that environmental factors have been ruled out. c. strong correspondence between gene-sharing and diagnosis but only for males. d. that the more genetically related you are to someone with schizophrenia, the greater  your risk of the disorder. 8. Compared to his nonschizophrenic identical twin, Matthew (who is schizophrenic) is more likely to a. have been born with physical birth defects. b. be artistically or musically talented. c. have a higher intelligence level on IQ tests. d. be considered “different” or “odd” as a child.  9. What are endophenotypes? a. Abnormally shaped cells in the brain
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Exam 6 - ExamSix PSYC3230AbnormalPsychology Name:_Date: _...

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