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exam 8 prac - 1 Efforts to counterbalance the social...

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1. Efforts to counterbalance the social factors that entice adolescent binge drinking are examples of a. selective interventions. b. crisis interventions. c. indicated interventions. d. social-learning programs. 2. Which of the following funds research on mental disorders and assists communities in establishing effective mental health services? a. The National Association for Mental Health (NAMH) b. The American Psychological Association (APA) c. Health maintenance organization (HMO) d. The National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) 3. What is one of the best predictors of future violence? a. Compliance with treatment b. Past history of violence c. Family support d. Employment history 4. Cognitive-behavioral therapy a. denies the importance of reinforcement and punishment. b. assumes that thinking influences emotion, motivation, and behavior. c. assumes that behavior must change before cognitive changes can occur. d. suggests that the therapist should take a less active role than is typically the case in behavior therapies. 5. What recent changes have altered the types of therapy that are available? a. There is an increased need to prove that therapy is effective. b. Psychiatrists are hesitant to write prescriptions for many drugs. c. The increased use of nurses as therapy providers has increased the use of drugs in many community health settings. d.
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exam 8 prac - 1 Efforts to counterbalance the social...

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