FDNS exam 2 - Exam 2 Form A FDNS 3000 Name_ Last 4 ID...

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Exam 2 Form A FDNS 3000 Name_________________________________ Last 4 ID number ____________________________ 1. Amino acids are defined by the structural part of the molecule that is unique to each. This part of the molecule is called the _____ group. a. amino b. amine c. carboxylic acid d. R- 2. Amino acids that cannot be made by the body are called _____ amino acids. a. conditionally essential b. hydrolyzed c. nonessential d. essential 3. The metabolic process used by the body to synthesize nonessential amino acids is called _____. a. reamination b. deamination c. transamination d. transmigration 4. What happens if the shape of a protein is altered? a. The functionality of the protein is affected . b. The nutritional value of the protein is decreased. c. The protein is destroyed. d. The nutritional value of the protein is increased. 5. Which of the following diseases is caused by a single error in the amino acid sequence of hemoglobin? a. Microcytic anemia b. Macrocytic anemia c. Pernicious anemia d. Sickle cell anemia 6. You are making a scrambled egg for breakfast. When you heat the egg, you are _____ the protein. a. Sequencing b. Metabolizing c. Hydrolyzing d. Denaturing 7. What happens to excess protein during times of excess glucose and energy availability? a. Converted to lipids b. Stored in the muscles c. Stored in the protein pool in the body d. Converted to bone marrow 8. Which type of malnutrition is characterized by a skin and bones-like appearance without the presence of severe edema?
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a. Ascites b. Marasmus c. Kwashiorkor d. Malnutrition of mild degree 9. Which of the following conditions would result in a negative nitrogen balance? a. Pregnancy b. Growth c. Stress d. Recovery from illness 10. Differences between men and women in response to alcohol are the result of which of the following? a. Women tend to have a greater percentage of body fat than men b. Woman have higher ADH activity in gastric cells c. Men tend to be taller and heavier than women d. A and C e. All of the above 11. All of the following are true regarding the beneficial health effects of moderate alcohol consumption except a. Moderate alcohol consumption increases LDL concentrations b. Moderate alcohol consumption can have an anti-inflammatory effect. c.
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FDNS exam 2 - Exam 2 Form A FDNS 3000 Name_ Last 4 ID...

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