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FDNS EXAM 3 - Exam3FormB Name Giraudo FDNS3000 Date 1 What...

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Giraudo Exam 3 Form B FDNS 3000 Name: ______________________________________ Date: __________________ 1. What have researchers learned about the causes of obesity from studying identical twins separated at birth? a. Lifestyle, rather than genetics, largely determines body weight. b. Genetics, rather than lifestyle, largely determines body weight . c. Lifestyle and genetics play equal roles in determining body weight. d. The body weight of children adopted at birth is similar to that of their adoptive parents. 2. Mr. Incredible eats 30 raw eggs everyday. Which vitamin do you think he most likely is deficient in? a. Vitamin B 12 b. Thiamin c. Riboflavin d. Biotin e. Folate 3. What happens when a person loses body fat? a. The triglycerides in adipocytes are replaced with water. b. The number of adipocytes decreases. c. The number of adipocytes increases. d. Adipocytes shrink in size . 4. Neural tube defects affect 1 out of every 1,000 newborns born in the US. What is the best way to prevent this from happening? a. Consume a diet rich in folate prior to and during pregnancy b. Decide to never have children c. Consume lots of meat and dairy products d. Never taking prenatal vitamins 5. All B vitamins function as: a. Coenzymes b.   Electrolytes c. Intrinsic factors d. Sources of energy e. None of the above 6. Bioavailability of Vitamin C is enhanced by: a. Calcium b. Copper c. Iron d. a and b e. b and c 7. Pellagra is caused by a deficiency of ___________. a. Thiamin b. CoA c. Vitamin C 1
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Giraudo d. Niacin e.   Folate 8. A significant health hazard from obesity is: a. Ulcers b. Diverticulus c. Type II diabetes d. Emphysema 9. What does the “thrifty gene hypothesis” suggest? a. That people who are genetically best able to survive starvation are also those less prone to weight loss when food is plentiful b. That people who are genetically best able to survive starvation are also those  most prone to weight gain when food is plentiful c. That people who are genetically most likely to die from starvation are also those most prone to loss weight when food is plentiful d. None of the above statements are true. 10.The symptoms of _____ are often referred to as the four D’s: dermatitis, dementia, diarrhea, and death. a. Pellagra b. Beriberi c. Ariboflavinosis d. Pernicious anemia 11.When the intake of water-soluble vitamins is high, absorption occurs by: a. Simple diffusion. b. Active transport. c. Passive transport. d. Passive diffusion. 12.The inability to produce intrinsic factor protein can result in a severe _____ deficiency. a. Vitamin C b. Vitamin B 12 c. Vitamin B 6 d. Folate 13.When the intake of water-soluble vitamins is low, absorption occurs by: a. Simple diffusion. b.
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FDNS EXAM 3 - Exam3FormB Name Giraudo FDNS3000 Date 1 What...

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