CBIO QUIZ 1 - CBIO/BIO 3400 Spring 2011 First Quiz NAME: !...

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CBIO/BIO 3400 Spring 2011 First Quiz NAME: Test Results: Count: 125 Average: 64.9 Median: 68.0 Maximum: 95.0 Standard Deviation: 17.33 Graders: Q1 Hengli Q2 Blake Q3 MF Q4 Sarah Bonus MF If you want to request reconsideration of any assignment, we reserve the right to regrade your entire exam. You must first go to the person who graded the question. For Hengli, Sarah, or MF, make an appointment or catch them after class. For question 2, Problem graded by J. Blake Norman. Contact at jbnorman@uga.edu with questions or concerns. For regrade requests: include in your email a full description (argument) for your answer. Grading requests must originate from your official UGA email address for review. If you are not satisfied with response from grader, you may appeal to MF. Remember that our primary goal is to help you to have a good learning experience, to reach your potential, to achieve your goals, and to prepare you for the path(s) that lie ahead.
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CBIO/BIO 3400 Spring 2011 First Quiz NAME: 1. 25 points. a) (10 points). Describe hydrophobic interactions, and their significance to the organization of molecules and structures in cells. Description: Hydrophobic molecules are not strongly attracted to each other; Hydrophobic molecules disrupt strong forces between water molecules; Hydrophobic effect is proportional to surface area to be inserted into the aqueous solution; Or any explanation that makes sense. Significance: Formation of lipid bilayer; correct protein folding b) (10 points) Describe the biological function, structure, interactions and regulation of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor. Function: Neuromuscular junction, ligand-gated ion channel Structure, interactions and regulation: (Lecture 6) c. (5 points). Briefly state how genetics and microscopy were used for studies of the structure and function of the acetylcholine receptor.
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CBIO QUIZ 1 - CBIO/BIO 3400 Spring 2011 First Quiz NAME: !...

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