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CEE 304 - UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS IN ENGINEERING Second Prelim in class on FRIDAY Nov. 9, 2007. Open book and open notes. Homework #10 Due: Monday, November 5, 2007 Read: Devore § 8.1 - 8.2, 8.4 - 8.5; ActivStats chapter 10. Goal: This homework focuses on hypothesis testing. Students should know and be able to explain the basic principles of hypothesis tests, and how to select the hypothesis, to perform appropriate tests, to evaluate the type II error, and to estimate the required n for given target type I and II errors ( α and b). We are also concerned about the sources of data. ActivStats Chapter 10 discusses surveying and survey design. This important subject does not appear in Devore. Assignments REQUIRED ActivStats Lessons [material NOT in Devore.] (a) Look at activities one and two on page 10-1: “Know the basic concepts & terminology…” and “Understand the value of sampling…” • How is the definition of the population determined? • What is a “Simple random sample”? • Why not just examine every individual in the whole population? (b) Look at the two activities on page 10-2 : “Recognizing under coverage…” and “Learning about a famous …” • What TWO fatal mistakes did the Literary Digest make? (c) Look at the two activities on page 10-3. • From the first, “Witness how biased …,” what four problems should one try to avoid when conducting a survey? • What are the answers to the second activity, “Terminology of survey sampling”? Definition: Click on Green Star after SRS at bottom of page 10-1. We will discuss these ideas in class. Devore Problems (P-value): For #32 and 49, use Table A.8 in Devore7 [D6] when you can; A.5 on back cover is a good check.
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