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BellCom Corporation 1390 5 th Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90405 Tel (310) 458-8316 Fax (310) 458-8310 March 10, 2010 Ms. Marie Jeaneaux, President Telephone de Nice 4 Rue de I’arbre, 6 th Arrondissement Nice, France 78911-3444 Dear Ms. Marie Jeaneaux, In this letter I would like to address the situation that has arisen from the visit that I, Bill Nestor and my assistant recently made to your country. I hope that any miscommunication or misunderstanding can be clarified by this letter and allow us to move past this unfortunate incident. I would like to take a moment and discuss some of points that were brought up in your letter. You stated that “we spoke badly of your food” and “asked inappropriate questions.” I want to apologize for any offense that was caused by this. Here in the U.S. we try to take our business relationships to a more personal level which we feel creates a more successful working environment. I sincerely apologize if we stepped over any boundaries. In your correspondence you also noted unprofessional behavior on my part. I do believe my actions may have been unprecedented and do wish that you accept this as a formal apology. Americans and French citizens have different ways of communicating and without fully understanding each culture some actions may be misconstrued. We do believe that an understanding of your culture is necessary to help us succeed as is the other way around. I hope this letter has served its purpose as an apology and request to move forward. We truly appreciate the hospitality you showed us in France and I hope there will be more visits to come. I believe that our organizations have a strong future together and will do what is necessary to make it work. Thank you for your sincere understanding. Best Regards, Bill Nestor Senior Account Manager, BellCom Corporation
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BellCom Corporation To: From: Date: Re:  Sherri Philips, Vice President of Operations Astrid Lucas, Account Representative March 12, 2010 Current incident with Telephone de Nice The following memo serves as a summary of the events that occurred in France. I have also included my opinion on the accusations by Ms. Jeaneaux. Brief Summary We arrived in France and met with Ms. Jeaneaux and other managers at the restaurant for this very important meeting. I heard Bill conversing with Ms. Jeaneaux throughout the luncheon. They discussed several topics in their converstion, some were more personal than others. We all ate, discussed little business and had some wine with our lunch. After finishing our lunch we each said our goodbyes to the managers and to Ms. Jeaneaux. The Accusations Ms. Jeaneaux’s accusations in her letter are too strong. I never saw that Bill “drank too much” as we were all enjoying alcoholic beverages during our meeting. The point she brought up about their food was incorrect. Although Bill was not very enthusiastic when she asked how we liked the food he did signal that it was ok. I feel she got offended because she did not get the verbal
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Case Project-Final Draft - BellCom Corporation 1390 5th...

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