Week 3 incident 6-2

Week 3 incident 6-2 - out each step it takes to complete...

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Brittney Bryson March 23, 2011 MGT210 Week 3: Check Point Incident 6-2 What should I do next? If I was Ed Jackson I would explain to Kim that she knows all the information but she needs to review the department plans for next year then ask the following questions to finish the formal plans. The first question would be when is my deadline, in this case Ed Jackson gave Kim 10 days (by the end of the month). 1. What exactly needs to be done? 2. Why do these plans need to be written? 3. Which people will be assigned to the plans? 4. How should the plan be placed together? 5. Which departments will this take place? If I were in Kim’s place I would review the department’s plans for the next year then I would plan out each step that it takes to write the formal plans. When she writes
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Unformatted text preview: out each step it takes to complete the formal plans it gives her an idea of exactly how long it takes to complete each step. She can also get help from the employees on what they think should be the goals for the company and production statistics. This will give her a general idea on each goal they have set in place for the year. I think that Kims response was not uncommon. She has worked on the sales department of equipment for seven years, but she has not worked the paperwork side or the supervisor side, so she did not know exactly what the formal plan of the department was about. She should have not waited a day to ask her boss what needed to be done because that is time that was wasted, which this time could have been used to start the planning process....
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Week 3 incident 6-2 - out each step it takes to complete...

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