Week 2 incident 2-2

Week 2 incident 2-2 - the group could discuss which plan...

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Brittney Bryson March 18, 2011 MGT210 Week 2: Checkpoint Incident 2-2 When hard times had fallen on Quality Shoe Mack Moller the Supervisor was told he had to reduce labor costs by 20 percent to make up for the loss of revenue the company had lost. Mack decided to talk to Ralph and have a meeting with the employee’s to see if they could come up with a solution on how to cut costs and make it fair to them as employees. I think Mack’s approach may have been a bit of a spur of the moment decisions. He should have thought threw the situation and put some guide lines on the meeting with the employees. Mack Should have thought of three different plans and put them on paper so
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Unformatted text preview: the group could discuss which plan would be more successful for them and the company. If this company that I worked for and I was asked to come up with the determine plan on my future, I would make several different plans and discuss them with the employees. He can get there opinions but intimately its Macks decision on what will happen. If Mack does not take the group opinion on what should be done to cut the costs, then he will need to be honest, it may only be a small thing that could be changed, or he will need to come up with another plan....
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Week 2 incident 2-2 - the group could discuss which plan...

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