week 1 checkpoint 1 incident 1-1

week 1 checkpoint 1 incident 1-1 - get the job done I think...

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Brittney Bryson Mgt Week 1 Checkpoint #1: Incident 1-1 After reading the Incident 1-1, I feel that Roy does have the qualities it takes to be a good supervisor. He is involved with the Union reps, the employee’s and current management team. He listens to what others want and uses his words to make that happen. Roy has been voted in two times by the other employee’s to be The president of the union rep, which lets us know that the others like him and feel he has what it takes to
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Unformatted text preview: get the job done. I think that Bill Lindsay’s statement is on the right track, but being a supervisor takes much more then just knowing how to handle people, you have to know how to handle any situation that may arise or know of a way to get the answers if you don’t currently already know them. I think the employee’s would be honored to have Roy as a supervisor; they seem to respect him and listen to what he has to say....
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