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xbis219 week 5 jet blue - the trickle effect that happened...

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Brittney Bryson February 4, 2011 XBIS219 WK 5 Jet Blu Jet Blue Managerial Problems I would have to say that after reading the story of Jet Blue, It was the  Managements fault, They should have had a back up plan for incase they ever  had to deal with a problem such as canceling flights due to weather. It's not the  first time an airline has had to cancel flights because of the weather. Even though  Jet Blue it a new airlines, it should have been in the Manuel for employees.  There always needs to be a back up plan for anything that could potentially but  them out of business. They needed to know what they would do with all there  customers, if something like this should happen. Jet Blu was not thinking about 
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Unformatted text preview: the trickle effect that happened, People were stranded, not enough room at hotels for people to sleep in, some people did not have food, or money for food, peoples bags were shipped out, and bags were lost, people switched flights and some people decided to return to home. If there would have been a back up plan, the airlines could have told people what needed to happen or what would have happened, they would have been happier Document Viewer Turnitin Originality Report • Processed on: 02-04-11 4:24 PM CST • ID: 169604736 • Word Count: 196 • Submitted: 1 xbis wk 5 jet blu By Brittney Bryson Similarity Index 0% What's this?...
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