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XBIS219 Week 3 Online auction

XBIS219 Week 3 Online auction - can search by buyout price...

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Brittney Bryson January 21, 2011 XBIS219- Week 3 Checkpoint: Online Auction ONLINE AUCTION E-Bay is an online auction that allows the user (you) to buy and sell any item that you would like to sell or buy. It’s easy to start up an account. You register your email, name, Username and password. You can add any information that you see fit to your profile page. When you are selling an item, you take a picture of the item load it to your computer and put what the description, amount of item and shipping information. Then you wait for a buyer to bid on your item. You can have a buyout price or just let them bid on the item. When you are searching to buy an item you
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Unformatted text preview: can search by buyout price or bid price, you can search for any items; if you want items in bulk they have those also. E-bay is a good place for large and small companies, or even just the average person to sell items they don’t want or need anymore. For small buyers it pushes out the middle man and allows you to sell he item with the profit going to yourself. Large companies can use E-bay to sell there un wanted stock or clearance items and not lose the money they have already invested into buying that stock....
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