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Brittney Bryson week3 xbix online auction

Brittney Bryson week3 xbix online auction - to the price...

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Brittney Bryson November 12, 2010 XBIS 219 Check Point: Online auctions 1
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Online Auction Ebay is a great system for sellers that are looking to cut out the middlemen like pawnshops and other stores that will buy valuables from others. Ebay is set up almost identical to an auction, the only difference is that it is online and people anywhere in the United States or even outside the country can view items that someone may have for sale. A seller takes photos of the item they wish to sell and set up an Ebay account. They then go through the guided menus and add in information and the price they want to get for the item, then people can bid on an item and it goes to the highest bidder at the end of the allotted time for the item. For the sellers that are small a disadvantage is not being able to sell an item with the buy it now price and they have to wait for buyers that may or may not make it
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Unformatted text preview: to the price. Another disadvantage is that people are more cautious when buying from people with little or no feedback. For larger sellers having this negative feedback could make buyers hesitant to buy products from them. Larger scale sellers also have access to different features and appear in online searches through Google. These features become available with more sales. I feel that if I did open my own internet selling company I would use eBay as my main resource of pushing my products. My reasoning simply is that it’s a website everyone knows or has at least heard of and is available when doing normal online searches. It allows the seller to get the lowest amount they wish to receive for a product, but has potential for the seller to get more than they ever could 2 have imagined. With easy to follow guides on how to run the website Ebay is the way to go! 3...
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Brittney Bryson week3 xbix online auction - to the price...

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