week 8 international staffing

week 8 international staffing - train others, This is the...

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Brittney Bryson February 25, 2011 HRM/240 Week 8: Checkpoint: International staffing
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International staffing can be quite a complicated process. Starting a company in another country comes with more regulations and laws then starting one in your own country. With starting any business whether in your own country or another one, you have to have employees to run the company. This brings on the sometimes grueling hiring process. Having a business in another country offers you three different ways to hire and run the company, you can hire your own people and send them to the other country to run and
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Unformatted text preview: train others, This is the most expensive way to do it, You can hire locals of that country but have to train them how your business will be ran, or you can hire people from other countries and have them work for you. Hiring anyone will come with a cost because you want them to be effective in what they do. They need to be knowledgeable of what they are working with. In some countries they have laws and regulations to how many foreigners that can work in there country, this means you have to hire a certain amount of the locals....
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week 8 international staffing - train others, This is the...

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